All the Demons Are Here

A Thriller


By Jake Tapper

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Bestselling author Jake Tapper’s “absolute page-turner” (Gillian Flynn) transports readers to the 1970s underground world of cults, celebrities, tabloid journalism, serial killers, disco, and UFOs.

It’s 1977. Ike and Lucy, the kids of Senator Charlie and Margaret Marder, are grown up—and in trouble.

US Marine Ike has gone AWOL after a military operation gone horribly wrong. Now he's off the grid, working on the pit crew of the moody stunt master Evel Knievel and hanging in the roughest dive bar in Montana. His sister Lucy has become the star reporter of a brand-new Washington, DC tabloid breaking stories about a serial killer and falling in with the wealthy, shady British family that owns the newspaper. 

As they deal with the weirdness and menace of the time—celebrities, cults, the rise of tabloid journalism, the death of Elvis Presley, the Summer of Sam, and a time of national unease—Ike and Lucy soon realize that their worlds are not only full of compromises and bad choices, but danger. As their lives begin to spiral out of control, they also spiral towards one another. And the decisions they make could mean life and death not only for them—but also their beloved parents.

  • “Jake Tapper has become a master storyteller with his dazzling skill of weaving real people and events with a cast of characters as gripping as any in fiction.” 
    Michael Connelly
  • “Jake Tapper’s latest, All The Demons Are Here, is an absolute page-turner chronicling the continuing adventures of the Marder clan. Evel Knievel? Check.  UFOs?  Check?  A serial killer stalking the nation’s capital?  Check. And all set during one of America’s secretly weirdest years: 1977.  Powered by dual protagonists Ike and Lucy Marder, the book sends the reader pinballing across America, looking for answers in a strange, post-Watergate world.  Tapper’s deep knowledge of American history is on display, as is his obvious love of American pop culture— the good, the bad, and the bizarre. ‘Merica, baby!!!!"
    Gillian Flynn
  • “Jake Tapper's All the Demons Are Here is a fantastic and engrossing thriller that travels the reader through one of the most fascinating periods in American history. Tapper has a deep understanding of the subjects he writes about and presents a rich tapestry of politics, life and culture and shows how they intersect and collide. Tapper has emerged as a writer of fine craft, detail and observation.  Count me as a huge fan of his writing and his books.”
    Don Winslow
  • “Jake Tapper's All the Demons Are Here is a brilliant and beautifully written book that had me from page one and never let me go. Tapper's novel is a deeply immersive experience, an expertly written thriller that places you in a fascinating period of American history with great characters you care about and want to spend time with. In All The Demons Are Here Tapper has delivered another wickedly smart, emotional and gripping page-turning thriller after The Devil May Dance and The Hellfire Club. I will read whatever he writes."
    T.J. Newman

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Jul 11, 2023
Page Count
336 pages

Jake Tapper

About the Author

Jake Tapper has written two New York Times bestselling novels, The Hellfire Club and The Devil May Dance, as well as the bestselling nonfiction book The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor, which was turned into a critically acclaimed film in 2020. He is the lead DC anchor and chief Washington correspondent for CNN. A Dartmouth graduate and Philly native, he lives in Washington, DC, with his wife, daughter, and son.

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